Compact Project Space at My House Gallery

In an effort to grow and remain open to progressive and experimental work, starting with our first exhibition in 2010, My House Gallery is pleased to offer new opportunities for artists to exhibit their work with the opening of Compact Project Space.

Compact Project Space is a small room in the gallery a MHG. We are accepting proposals for installations in the space to coincide with the openings of our regular exhibition programming. We will also accept and consider proposals for time periods in between exhibitions if artists are looking for a site specific place to install and document work. We are very excited to offer this space for use, and look forward to working with new artists making exciting work.

All proposals need to include the following:


Mailing Address:




Proposal (no more than 500 words):

Drawings/Images of proposed project –  5 images at 300 DPI no larger than 1MB.

If you have additional information you would like to include please feel free.


Spring 2010

Joe Lacina: Moss Waves


styrofoam, moss, light

January 2010:

Tony DiPietro - Snapshots/Self-Portraits - January 9th - February 6th 2010


3 Responses to “Compact Project Space”

  1. […] My House Gallery is accepting proposals for their new installation room, Compact Project Space. As you can imagine, it is a small room in the gallery and they’re looking for site-specific installations and shows to coincide with their regular gallery openings. More information is available on their website. […]

  2. Joe Lacina said

    Where my moss waves?
    I would be honored to be on the website. Let me know if you need a pic.
    thanks! 🙂

    • myhousegallery said

      Hey Joe,

      We would love to put pictures of your installation on our website! Currently, we don’t have any nice images (to capture your whole piece). Could you send them to
      Thanks so much!!! We loved your installation!

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