Omega Point: OUTWARD

Omega Point: OUTWARD features the work of artists Andrew Geddes, Justin Rubich, and Brendan Sullivan. OUTWARD is the last of a three part exhibition series titled Omega Point.

Omega Point is a term used to describe the maximum level of complexity and consciousness towards which the universe appears to be evolving. In our current climate of rapid cultural and social change, the artist is faced with a constant challenge of deciphering and depicting the infinite growth of complexity in our contemporary surroundings. In the early nineteen seventies, philosopher John David Garcia introduced the idea of creativity to Omega Point. Garcia says, “…increasing creativity is the correct and proper goal of human life.” The state of maximum consciousness towards which we are evolving is our highest level of creativity. This philosophical idea allows us to believe that our potential creativity is infinite. With this idea My House Gallery has put together a series of three exhibitions that push both the artists and the gallery towards their maximum level of creativity, Onward, Upward, and Outward.

Artist Bios:

Andrew Geddes is an educator and artist based out of Baltimore. The pedestrian and commonplace are celebrated as his work reflects the ambiguity of utilitarian design. These interests are conveyed through synthesized industrial forms ranging from electrical transformers and dumpsters to air conditioners. The commonplace is inspected, analyzed and created into diminutive multiples.

Justin Rubich was born in Orlando, FL and currently lives and works in Philadelphia. He received his B.F.A. with Honors in Painting and Drawing from the University of the Arts in 2010.

Brendan Sullivan is an artist and musician currently living and working in Baltimore, Md. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in 2009 and is a founding member of the artist run gallery Open Space.

Exhibition Dates: September 17-October 31

Compact Project Space:

Phuong Pham


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