Recession Era
Gallery GiveAway


Next Saturday, December 11, 2-6:00pm

My House Gallery will have a blow out sale of amazing art!

Art will be exhibited throughout the gallery. ALL art showcased will be for sale. My House Gallery will be conducting an art auction yard sale! There are NO PRICES! If you want it–suggest a price—IT IS YOURS!!! It’s that simple.

Need gifts for the holidays? Need to redecorate? Just love art!?
Us too! Come and celebrate with us!


Omega Point: OUTWARD

Omega Point: OUTWARD features the work of artists Andrew Geddes, Justin Rubich, and Brendan Sullivan. OUTWARD is the last of a three part exhibition series titled Omega Point.

Artist Bios:

Andrew Geddes is an educator and artist based out of Baltimore. The pedestrian and commonplace are celebrated as his work reflects the ambiguity of utilitarian design. These interests are conveyed through synthesized industrial forms ranging from electrical transformers and dumpsters to air conditioners. The commonplace is inspected, analyzed and created into diminutive multiples.

Justin Rubich was born in Orlando, FL and currently lives and works in Philadelphia. He received his B.F.A. with Honors in Painting and Drawing from the University of the Arts in 2010.

Brendan Sullivan is an artist and musician currently living and working in Baltimore, Md. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in 2009 and is a founding member of the artist run gallery Open Space.

Exhibition Dates: September 17-October 31

Compact Project Space: Phuong Pham

Omega Point: ONWARD

(July 16 – September 6)

ONWARD features the work of artists Billy Gray and Joe Venditti. ONWARD is the second of a three part exhibition series titled Omega Point.

Billy Gray is a graphic designer and photographer based in New York City. His work primarily focuses on the people and things that surround his daily life and travels. Using a range of tools including digital cameras, film, polaroids, and cell phones, he strives to tell stories through seemingly random images subtly connected. He received a BFA in graphic design from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2005. He has eyes to see with, ears to hear with, a brain to think with, and a heart to feel with.

Joe Venditti is from the Hudson Valley, went to art school, and currently lives and works in the Hudson Valley.  His current artistic direction is rooted in an incident experienced while idling in a parking lot. He noticed a bumper sticker of the car in front of him that read, “I’d rather be quilting.”   He found this funny because it seemed as though this inanimate object was expressing this human desire. He was inspired to mix found objects, language, and typeface to create this experience for other people.


Phuong Pham

Omega Point: UPWARD


Omega Point – Upwards, part one of a three part series of exhibitions for 2010

Omega Point is a term used to describe the maximum level of complexity and consciousness towards which the universe appears to be evolving. In our current climate of rapid cultural and social change, the artist is faced with a constant challenge of deciphering and depicting the infinite growth of complexity in our contemporary surroundings. In the early nineteen seventies, philosopher John David Garcia introduced the idea of creativity to Omega Point. Garcia says, “…increasing creativity is the correct and proper goal of human life.” The state of maximum consciousness towards which we are evolving is our highest level of creativity. This philosophical idea allows us to believe that our potential creativity is infinite. With this idea My House Gallery has put together a series of three exhibitions that push both the artists and the gallery towards their maximum level of creativity, Upward, Onward, and Outward.

Upward is the first of these exhibitions. It features the work of Beth Brandon, Jason Honig, Bill McRight, and Tim Strazza. For My House Gallery this series of exhibitions marks the beginning of a fully collaborative curatorial process where all new artists are being introduced to the space.

Beth Brandon – Is a Philadelphia based artists who creates installations involving wallpaper, books, apparel, and other printed textile based matter.

Jason Honig is a NY based artist ( via stops in ATL,MPLS, CHI) who works in multiple mediums. He comes from a history of style writing and abstract painting.  Jason has been developing a unique style for the better part of two decades from freight trains to gallery walls.  He studied Architecture and Art History at the University of Minnesota before dropping out to further pursue his passion for style writing around the country.  He has been a part of group shows in  New York, Atlanta, and Minneapolis; he has had solo openings in Atlanta, and Madison, WI.  His work often incorporates tools that are used in style writing/street art. From working on found materials like wood and aluminum siding, to using unorthodox material like shoe dye and spray paint in his works.  He lives in East Harlem and works out of a studio in Bushwick, BK.

Bill McRight is a Philadelphia based artists who grew up in the South East (Georgia, Florida, etc), went to college in South Carolina and the grad school in Brooklyn. He moved to Philly and into space 1026. Bill likes to make pictures of monsters and other creatures through drawing, screenprinting, and linoleum cuts.

Tim Strazza is a New York based artist working primarily in abstract works on paper. He is originally from New Jersey, moving to Philadelphia and then to New York.

Mel Chin’s Fundred Project

April 10th – May 9th 2010


January 9th – February 6th 2010

Baltidelphia is a collaborative curatorial project between Hexagon Space in Baltimore and My House Gallery in Philadelphia. Curated by Phuong Pham and Alex Gartelmann, twenty two artists from each city were selected and paired. Given three months, the artists were asked to work collaboratively dealing with communication, distance, and geographical location as points of departure. An opening reception will be held at My House Gallery with a soft opening in Baltimore, and a closing will be held in Baltimore at Hexagon Space.

At Loose Ends

September 11 2009 – October 12 2009

Toby Canfield, Lawrence Casimiro, Jay Hardman, and Fernando Ramos



June 28 2009 – July 31 2009

John Schlesinger, Martha Savery, Tyler Kline, Liz Rywelski, Sam Belkowitz, Hannah Heffner, Fernando Ramos, Bryan Rice, Jim Grilli, Dan Potterton, Dan Haddigan, Leah Mackin, Mike Ryan, Jen Gin, Beth Punicella, Tyler Held, Julianna Lose, Beth Heinly, Jenny Kanzler, Hope Rovelto.

Performances by Second Floor Stories and Scott Churchman held on June 28th.

Impromptu 1

Mike Ryan

It’s Just Like I Never Stopped Being There

Maggy Rozycki Hiltner, Jenny Kanzler, Bryan Patrick Rice, Hope Rovelto

March 13 – April 18 2009

2 forbook

Bryan Rice

Red rover

Maggy FunAndGames

Gang Up!

Ted Carey, Laura Conklin, Alex Gartelmann, Hannah Heffner, Jenny Kanzler, Alison Nastazi, Bryan Patrick Rice, and Mike Ryan.

January 10 – February 13

Gang Up 1


Foundry Found

John Philips and Ellen Brandfonbrener

December 12 – January 9 2008/2009




September 19 – October – 10 2008

Jake Allee

Jonathan Berger

Eoin Burke

Nathaniel Butler

Ted Carey

Aimee Christopher

Laura Conklin

Nike Desis

Jim Dessecino

Austin Dodson

Roberta Fallon & Libby Rosof

Alex Gartelmann

Alyson Giantisco

Jen Gin

Hilary Grisham

Michael Grothusen

Hannah Heffner

Robyn Hill

Maggy Hiltner

Jenny Kanzler

Stephen Kent

John Oliver


Julianna Lose

Jessica McCambly

Alison Nastasi

Adam Oestreicher

Daniel Payavis

Phu Pham

Mark Price

Fernando Ramos

Nora Renick-Rinehart

Bryan Rice

Hope Rovelto

Mike Ryan

Lisa Scarpello

Bonnie Brenda Scott

Rusty Scruby

Heather Smith Jones

Shelley Spector

Tim Strazza

Melissa Sweeney

Courtney Todd

Alexandra Torres

Jill Wasserman

David Willburn

Dana Vachon

Chris Vereb









The Big Draw

April 11, 2008 – April 25, 2008
Andrew Brehm, Aimee Christopher, Katie Elia, Hannah Heffner, Jim Grilli, Jenny Kanzler, Adam Oestreicher, Fernando Ramos, Nora Renick-Rinehart, Hope Rovelto, Bryan Rice, and David Staniunas.
From 1:30 PM on Saturday April 5th to 1:30 PM on Sunday April 6th the artists will work collectively to approach a problem posed to them by My House Gallery Director Alex Gartelmann on one large unbroken piece of paper. The problem is a question composed from lists of words submitted by each artist. Through this each artist has some personal investment into the drawing. This approach allows for the artists to share their conceptual as well as formal approaches to making work. In this lies the purpose of the project, to examine how a group of relatively unfamiliar artists from the same community can work collectively on one project over an extended period of time. The project becomes a microcosm of our greater culture where the individuals ability to find similar or opposite interests in other people and interact/collaborate is constantly tested.

Big Draw 2
Big Draw 3

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